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Find a Virtual Bitcoin ATM powered by Netcoins for a hassle-free purchase. New to Bitcoin? Our Virtual ATMs will even create a Bitcoin wallet for you and deliver your Bitcoins in an instant. 

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No need for complicated account setups or long waiting times. Get a Bitcoin wallet created on the spot or deposit Bitcoins straight into your existing wallet when purchasing through a Netcoins Virtual ATM.



Don't get tied down to slow and costly wire transfers with order limits. Netcoins Virtual ATMs accept cash, debit, and other additional payment methods. 


Redeem Flexepin

Over 4,000 stores sell Flexepin vouchers in Canada (only sold in values under $1000), which you can redeem online instantly to buy Bitcoin. For orders above $1000, check out a Netcoins Virtual Bitcoin ATM location.

Have an order for over $5000?

Private Brokerage Services

We offer private brokerage for orders above $5000. Canadians have trusted Netcoins with millions of dollars in Bitcoin purchases. Call us anytime!

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Can't find a Netcoins Virtual ATM?

Someone on our team can help find a location near you.

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