The Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry


Moving From Sick Care to Preventive Care
By focusing on intelligent prevention, Dentacoin aims to tackle the outdated drill & fill mentality and resolve the 90% of all dental issues that can be avoided through regular check-ups, proper oral care and nutrition.


Followers and active users supporting the mission of Dentacoin


Dentists paving the way towards preventive dentistry in the Dentacoin Ecosystem


Dentists, labs, suppliers taking advantage of Dentacoin’s industry-specific payments

The mobile app that fosters healthy dental habits in adults and children, through an incentivized 3 month training program of reminders, notifications, voice navigation and tutorials in a gamified environment. Dentists recommend the app to their patients to ensure proper in-home care.


The market research platform that aggregates patient insights through surveys on a plethora of dental care topics and rewards them for their contribution. With DentaVox industry stakeholders receive valuable market overview that helps them make better decisions in building their products and services.

Dentacoin Trusted Reviews
The first platform to offer detailed, verified and incentivized dental treatment reviews. Following their visit, verified patients are invited by their dentists to share more about their experience and are rewarded for their contribution.

Dentacoin Wallet dApp
The wallet dApp that allows users to conveniently and securely, store, send, receive, as well as purchase DCN with fiat and other digital assets. By combining account security and a user-friendly interface, the dApp makes it possible for dentists, patients, suppliers to easily handle payments between each other without any significant tech knowledge required.

Dentacoin Assurance
Preaching & Practicing Preventive Dental Care
The revolutionary dental, insurance-like program that shifts the focus towards prevention, instead of the archaic drill and fill, through a subscription-based model. By paying an affordable monthly premium to their preferred dentist, patients receive a life-long preventive care in return, without costly intermediaries in between, thus establishing strong long lasting bonds.

Dentacoin Database
Making Patients Owners of Their Dental Health Records
The decentralized dental health database that stores patient data in a safe and reliable way. Patients regain ownership of their own records, by choosing what to store and who can access it. This peerless security degree and control over one’s data is fostered by blockchain technology and allows dentists to give better prophylaxis plans and highly individualized treatments.