Elastos: The First Secure and Decentralized Internet

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Conceived of almost two decades ago by former Microsoft engineer Rong Chen, Elastos has redesigned the infrastructure of the internet by creating an ecosystem to connect all smart devices on a peer to peer network while allowing data ownership and security for the modern internet. Elastos starts with an operating system that can be installed onto any smart or IOT device and uses blockchain technology to provide a decentralized identification for all users, devices, websites, and digital assets creating the Elastos Smart Web. Decentralized applications (DApps) are restricted from direct access with the internet without first being granted ID verification by the blockchain, enabling an internet that ensures data security and prevents cyber attacks. Notable early investors of the Elastos project include NEO Founder Da Hongfei and Bitmain Founder Jihan Wu.

The blockchain architecture of the Elastos Smart Web allows for merged mining with Bitcoin, ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability due to the intensive computing power already required by Bitcoin’s Proof of Work consensus mechanism.

DApps that run on the Elastos operating system will eventually be accessible via an Elastos mobile app that can easily run on top of existing operating systems like iOS and Android. In order to avoid overload and congestion, the Elastos mainchain is only responsible for ID verification and payments, while individual DApps can each have their own sidechain. This system avoids the congestion problems faced by legacy blockchain projects and allows for unprecedented scaling capabilities needed for a rapidly growing DApp ecosystem. All network traffic on the Elastos internet is routed

through a decentralized and secure P2P network called the Elastos Carrier. This allows data to avoid central servers and avoid becoming an easy target for attacks. Data can now be owned, creating a real peer to peer data economy for users and IOT devices alike.

The Elastos token, ELA, can currently be used to register an ID in Elastos. This ID can be used, along with ELA, to purchase items such as DApps, cloud storage and many other resources, including other digital products within the Elastos web economy. ELA is also the primary currency used to reward developers and entrepreneurs participating in the growth of the network in the autonomously run community called Cyber Republic.

Through a strategic partnership with Shanghai Shijiu TV, the world’s leading HTML5 and browser technology developer in the OTT and Smart TV fields, Elastos is set to reach a Carrier node count of one million by the end of this year.

Join Elastos as the team and growing community build a new internet that guarantees secure human interactions, data control, and digital asset ownership.

Learn more at https://www.elastos.org/en/


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