Get Listed on Netcoins

Sell your coin on a retail level to everyday consumers. Gain access to our global retail network where digital currency is sold for FIAT.

Here’s What You Get


Retail Distribution

A global retail network (Cash, debit and often credit are accepted at these points)


Global OTC Desk Availability

We help service your large buyers / sellers and offer same day transactions via phone or on our online portal.


Press Release

Press release to tech / finance channels, with supporting info on your coin / project (often picked up by sites like Nasdaq, Bloomberg & Forbes) 


Guaranteed Marketing Spend

Up to $10,000USD marketing spend by Netcoins to promote the press release and your project on crypto display networks.


Social Media Blasts

Social media posts on our social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Email Blast

An email sent out to our investors, and another email sent to a crypto audience of 30,000+ advertising your coin.

Case Studies


Netcoins listed Pareto as the first Ethereum ERC20 compliant token. 

On the first day of the Netcoins listing, Pareto saw a 42% gain in their price.


Dentacoin prices increased by 35% within 2 days of our announcement of Dentacoin’s listing on Netcoins.

The Problem


No easy way to buy altcoins with FIAT

It’s hard and troublesome for customers to buy altcoins directly with FIAT. Most exchanges require that a user purchase BTC or ETH first.

The Solution


FIAT to Altcoin Portal + Retail Presence

Buy altcoins directly with FIAT through our global retail network or online through our Netcoins app. 

Let’s Talk!

Please contact us to learn more about our listing and white label services. We can help your coin / project get more accessible on a retail and online level.