An ecosystem of industry-leading technologies in the burgeoning blockchain sphere


Komodo originated as a fork from ZCash, the well-known privacy coin, and retained the zk-SNARK protocol, which allows zero-knowledge proofs and provides absolute privacy. On top of that, Komodo developed a unique consensus mechanism, known as delayed Proof of Work (dPoW), that protects the KMD chain with the hashrate of the Bitcoin network. These features make KMD, Komodo Platform’s coin, an exceptional cryptocurrency.

Komodo, however, is much more than just a cryptocurrency. The Komodo Platform makes creating secure, independent blockchains easier than ever before. Anyone may launch their own blockchain at any point in time. Every blockchain created on Komodo Platform receives both zero-knowledge proofs and dPoW security. These benefits are provided to every blockchain in Komodo’s ecosystem, while still allowing complete independence from the primary Komodo chain. As a result, Komodo Platform is far more scalable than any other platform.

After an independent chain has been created on Komodo, that chain’s tokens can be added to Agama, Komodo’s native wallet, giving users access to the new currency. The tokens can also be sold to the public via a decentralized ICO using Komodo’s whitelabel dICO dApp. Lastly, the tokens can be easily integrated into Komodo’s decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity.

Komodo’s DEX, the world’s most advanced decentralized exchange, is powered by atomic swap technology, a major innovation pioneered by Komodo’s lead developer. Atomic swaps allow peer-to-peer transactions directly from one blockchain to another. No proxy tokens, centralized exchanges, escrow services, or other third parties are required. This gives Komodo’s DEX three enormous advantages over traditional, centralized exchanges: superior security, drastically lower transaction costs, and direct interconnectivity between 95% of coins and tokens in existence.

All of these unique features work in unison and allow Komodo to offer end-to-end blockchain solutions to any entrepreneur or enterprise. Join Komodo Platform as we continue to accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology and to lead the world in blockchain integration.

Learn more at www.komodoplatform.com


Komodo is our second in a series of tokens to be listed by Netcoins.  Komodo will also be available via our 21,000+ retail locations in Australia, Europe and Canada on July 30th, 2018. To purchase Komodo now, please contact Netcoins at (844)-515-COIN or [email protected]