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Over 7,000 Stores - 2 Ways to Buy Bitcoin:

Option 1.)

Visit a Netcoins Store:
Buying more than $1000? Choose one of Netcoins Flagship Stores.
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We also offer private brokerage for orders above $5000.
Please Call (844)-515-COIN or email


Option 2.)

Visit a Flexepin Store & Redeem Voucher for Bitcoin Here:
Redeem Flexepin logo Vouchers (Under $500)

Cashiers can print vouchers of any denomination up to $500 (including multiple vouchers). Print the voucher and then INSTANTLY redeem into Bitcoin here on Netcoins' Site!

7000 Flexepin Locations!

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Toll Free Support: (844)-515-COIN

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Available at:

Esso Gas Stations Canadian Tire Gas Plus Stations Hasty Market Gateway Newstands

Buy Bitcoin at most Esso Gas stations in Canada!

Flexepin Vouchers are a Two-step process:

**IMPORTANT: At Flexepin locations, tell the cashier that you are purchasing a "Flexepin Voucher".
The cashier will then print out the Flexepin Voucher using their PaymentSource terminal.

You must then redeem the Flexepin Voucher on the Netcoins Website: Click Here to Reedeem
Redeem Flexepin Voucher Instantly >>

Netcoins Flagship Retailers:

(Order limits above $1000)

Ontario (Toronto)

British Columbia

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Nigeria & Ghana

Stay tuned - we're currently working with retailers worldwide. Suggest a location or request invite for your store.

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