August 22, 2018

GAR Limited. d/b/a/ Netcoins (“NETC” or the “Company“) (CSE: NETC, OTC: GARLF) is pleased to announce that it has listed Elastos (ELA) tokens, available for immediate purchase via our OTC Private Brokerage Services business and our 21000+ retail locations in Australia, Europe and Canada.

To purchase ELA, please contact Netcoins at (844)-515-COIN or [email protected]

With 18 years of development, Elastos is the first completely secure and decentralized environment on the internet, offering a revolutionary C++ operating system in two forms. The first is a general-purpose OS that, because of its agnostic nature, can be directly installed onto any hardware in the world, giving unparalleled security to self-driving cars, AR/VR platforms, internet of things devices, smartphones, smart routers and more. The second is the Elastos Runtime, a sandbox environment that can be installed onto your smartphone as an application from the app store. Built with blockchain, Elastos creates a virtual ecosystem where decentralized applications are protected from direct access with the internet while allowing near infinite scalability to billions of users. Elastos allows people to create an economy around their data and allows developers to actually ‘write once, run anywhere’ —applications are equipped with maximum security, built with high scalability and run with total decentralization.

Learn more about ELA here:

“A champion of innovation and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, Netcoins is leading the charge on bringing this cutting-edge technology to everyday users across Australia, Europe, and Canada. The offering of our token throughout Netcoins’ network of over 21,000 retailers is both an incredible honor and the latest in a series of significant developments for Elastos. We look forward to continued fruitful collaborations with Netcoins’ unmatched team,” said Fay Li, Elastos’ Chief Marketing Officer.

“ELA is another excellent addition to our platform, giving our user base and resellers access to a   company, and their token, that is building innovative products to create a secure and decentralized environment on the internet,” said Netcoins CEO Mark Binns. “We welcome Elastos to our growing ALT-Coin family, and look forward to their success.“

Netcoins has received $25,000 USD from Elastos as a listing fee, which is also a recurring annual fee, under our LaaS (Listing as a Service) business model for coin listings.  

About the Company

The Company is in the business of developing software to make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency easily accessible to the mass consumer and investor through brokerage services. Netcoins enables crypto transactions via 21,000+ retail locations globally and an Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading desk.



“Mark Binns”
Mark Binns
CEO and Director


For Investor Relations Inquiries please contact Netcoins at 778.785.1175‬ or email [email protected]


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