A helping hand for Cryptocurrency Investors

Pareto Network is a real-time, peer-to-peer financial intelligence marketplace for traders and investors

The Pareto Network is a peer-to-peer content marketplace that caters to traders and investors at all levels. It’s named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who discovered that in many markets just 20% of inputs account for 80% of the results.

  Essentially, Pareto Network is a platform for experts to share quality financial information – and get paid for doing so. With thousands of
new cryptocurrencies (or ‘tokens’) available, Pareto allows investors to fi nd information to guide their choices in this new generation of assets.

How does it work? 
Contributors submit content such
as fundamental analysis, technical analysis or special situation reports

to the platform. This content is then redistributed to PARETO token owners according to their ‘ranking’, with higher ranked consumers getting priority access.

  Consumers reward contributors based on the quality of the information they receive. Payments are made via the PARETO token, a digital block chain asset that can be sold on secondary markets to generate revenue. The more payments consumers make, the higher their ranking becomes.

  This way, contributors are incentivized to provide quality intelligence to the network, while traders benefit from the timely and accurate information they receive. The system effectively enforces a process of natural selection, 

prioritizing the information that is useful to the community. In essence, Pareto Network ensures the equitable distribution of market intelligence.

  Pareto Network began content distribution at the end of March. One of its first contributors was EndoTech, a company that has launched a series of investor tools and data services for crypto investors. These include a token screener to identify the most promising cryptocurrencies, a crypto portfolio allocator and various trading indicators.

  As the Pareto Network expands its operations, PARETO token holders will receive a wide range of content to help them in their investment decisions.