Quint offers the stability of gold, the accountability of crypto, and the legality of fiat.


Each token constitutes a cryptographic fractional interest in real, fully insured, gold coinage held on a 100% reserve basis in a live-streamed vault. When you hold Quint, you hold American Eagle/Buffalo legal tender gold coin, payable to the bearer on demand in 1,000 token minimum increments. Quint is neither a security, nor an unbacked cryptocurrency, whose price typically rides on market speculation. Each Quint possesses the stable, reliable value of one 1/1000th of a troy ounce of fine gold, with perpetual, pre-paid, vaulting and insurance included.

The Quint name stems from its five–gold–cent valuation. Notwithstanding its significant actual purchasing power, a United States one-ounce gold coin only bears a $50 face value, which equates to 5,000 gold cents, or 1,000 Quint. Quint tokens issue at highly stable, U.S. mint, proof coin, retail pricing. Given its peg to U.S. government rates, Quint trading in the secondary market seldom deviates substantially from the prevailing issue price. This makes Quint an excellent store of value, as well as a truly viable currency for the routine purchase of goods and services. In addition, compared to virtually every other cryptocurrency in circulation, as legal tender, Quint enjoys preferred tax treatment in many jurisdictions. 

Quint coinage is vaulted on American soil and insured by Lloyd’s of London. All storage costs are factored into the initial Quint premium, yielding “Forever-Free Vaulting” for token holders. The state–of–the–art, high security Quintric repository is located in Utah, an economically and culturally stable region of the United States, which benefits not only from strong federal, but also robust state laws and institutions designed to protect and promote the use of gold legal tender. In addition to regular physical audits, Quint holdings are Live-Streamed on Quintric.com—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus capturing the exacting authentication and testing of each coin placed in reserve.

Anyone (not just American citizens) can hold and circulate Quint globally, either on-chain at the Bitshares peer-to-peer network, or off chain at Quintric.com. In addition to Quint, Quintric offers additional precious metal tokens, all of which are native to the Bitshares platform. Low fees apply—never in excess of 5 Quint per transaction.

For more information, including the White Paper, simply visit Quintric.com.