Get Paid to host a Virtual Crypto ATM

Netcoins’ software turns any device (computer, iPad, phone) into a Virtual Crypto ATM


No Machine Costs

Traditional Bitcoin ATMs are bulky and expensive. With a Netcoins’ Virtual Crypto ATM, you can just use your existing wifi-enabled devices.


Quick & Easy

Online exchanges are slow – from account creation to identity verifications. Let Netcoins do the heavy lifting, so that your customers can buy crypto in seconds.


Extra Revenue

Attract new customers to your store and make your business stand-out by selling popular cryptocurrencies. Earn a commission with every crypto transaction. 

How It Works

Stores sign in to their Netcoins Virtual ATM account

Stores log in to the Netcoins app through their reseller portal. If you have any trouble, our support team is excellent at getting new resellers setup and on-boarded with the proper training! 

Customer places order on Reseller’s screen

Customer chooses the cryptocurrency and amount they would like to purchase, and then fills in their information. 

Collect payment from customer & confirm order

Once payment is collected from the customer, Netcoins’ software performs a series of functions to complete the order. The reseller commission is built into the Netcoins FX rate.

Crypto is sent instantly!

The cryptocurrency purchased is sent directly to the customer. A confirmation receipt is sent to both you (reseller) and the customer. 

Sign Up To Be A Reseller

Contact us to learn more about how you can become a Netcoins reseller.