Wagerr (WGR):
A Decentralized Betting Blockchain

WGR will be available for purchase this Fall, via our OTC Private Brokerage Services business and our 21000+ retail locations in Australia, Europe and Canada.


Wagerr is a technology company focused on providing a revolutionary sports betting network built on a decentralized blockchain with advanced privacy features, creating a system for users anywhere in the world to bet on their favourite sports securely and reliably. Wagerr is committed to decentralization, freedom and privacy.

In 2017, Wagerr launched a publicly-traded cryptocurrency token, ‘WGR,’ a new and unique type of digital currency that focuses on both functional and Store-of-Value utility. On the independent Wagerr blockchain network, users can privately send, receive, bet, stake, and host Masternodes or Oracle Masternodes with it. There is a total of 200,000,000 WGR in existence.

With the release of “Direct-Chain” betting in September, Wagerr created the world’s first unrestricted, decentralized and globally accessible betting application, allowing users to bet against the blockchain itself which automatically burns and mints WGR as required.

Oracle Masternodes provide a second layer to the Wagerr network. They function as consensus agents providing game data and executing smart contracts to facilitate reliable betting and predictable pay-outs.

The Direct-Chain betting fee is 6% of the profit of winning bets. 3% is burned, Oracle Masternodes earn 2.4%, and the remaining 0.6% goes to the development fund.

This means that the more bets users place, the more valuable WGR becomes. This is because burning 50% of betting fees shrinks the coin supply, meaning scarcity will drive the price of WGR. Wagerr call this “value-coupling”. The use of the blockchain is systematically tied to the value of WGR.

According to Wagerr’s Director of Operations, Jason Tauriello, “The Wagerr system is decentralized and self-regulating, and these qualities allow Wagerr to deliver secure, private, and safe sports betting to the entire world. Users avoid the high fees, corruption, limitation, restriction, legal repercussions, and violence prevalent in today’s industry. Using Wagerr is accessible, fair and safe for everyone in the world. Say goodbye to risk and regulation, and say hello to Wagerr, an asset optimized to grow in value as the Wagerr economy absorbs pent up demand for secure, trustless betting.”

“Wagerr is a blockchain based sportsbook that changes the way the world bets on sports. The blockchain is designed with all types of users in mind – recreational bettors, professional bettors, centralized sportsbooks who themselves may leverage the blockchain in order to manage their liability, bettors in restricted areas, and of course investors. Wagerr has something to offer to everyone. I believe Wagerr is the future of betting, and that the future of betting belongs on the blockchain!” – Wagerr CEO, David Mah.

Learn more about Wagerr by visiting www.Wagerr.com